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Image Styles

Keepsake Offers The Most Variety

You choose the styles of images you want to have taken


A modern twist on a classic look with new modern lighting style.  This style is for anyone who would like a timeless, classic portrait.


Chillin' shots are casual style portraits created on backgrounds and sets that encompass a casual style.  Chillin' is one of our most popular style choices!


HotShotz are created with a special lighting technique that enhances the eyes for a more glamorous, magazine cover style look.  Often imitated but never duplicated, HotShotz are a Keepsake exclusive and a must have style for your photo shoot!


These portraits are all about what you're into and what makes you, well, YOU!  Include a musical instrument, hobby, collection or sports equipment for unique, one of a kind images.


This is our more traditional style of outdoor portraits.  Rich, saturated backgrounds and comfortable easy to do poses in a variety of areas right outside our studios that change with the seasons.   These poses are a family favorite and a great way to add some nature into your photo shoot.  Not all scenes available at both locations. Available 6/1 - 10/1 weather permitting.  For a more "light and airy" outdoors style, check out our NEW style, ôrˈɡanik/.


ôrˈɡanik/ This boho style is softer, less posed and very hip.  Have fun and be yourself with it's carefree outdoor style! Outdoors images available 6/1 - 10/1 weather permitting with our Essential or Elite photo shoots.  For a more traditional style of outdoor images, check out our outdoors style too.  Many seniors get both!

Metro Chic

Edgy, editorial, magazine style model like style photographed in a high contrast, bright lighting style.  Dress in your most fashionable outfit ready for a magazine cover shoot!


Your ideas, our photography and our digital artists team up to create a one of a kind piece of art that will amaze everyone you share it with!  This is our most unique style of images and no two are ever the same!


Have portraits taken with your friends, pets or siblings. Images can be taken indoors or outdoors (outdoors available 6/1 - 10/1 weather permitting with Essential or Elite photo shoots).  Create a lasting memory with your BFF's!