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Class of 2018 to the rescue

The story of Gracie. Our rescue that inspired us to give back.

Gracie came into our life August of 2016 in a strange set of circumstances.  It had been two years since our dog KC passed away when Christine came across a Facebook listing for an English Setter that needed immediate rescue.  The dog had a striking resemblance to our beloved late dog, KC.

Christine met with the rescue person to learn more.  Her first owner was in Tennessee and passed away so she was kenneled in hopes of finding someone to adopt her.  After 8 months, Gracie had rubbed all of the fur off of her right side from pacing in the kennel and wore all of her front teeth down to the roots by trying to chew her way out of the confines of the kennel. It wasn't anyone's fault.  She was a victim of her circumstances.

Finally, Gracie was adopted by a local Rochester family and was enjoying a better life until one of the children's friends accidentally fell on her and hurt her leg. Gracie bit the child as a result and the family painfully decided it would be best to try to find another home for Gracie.  She could not go to a shelter because she was now labeled "a biter" and if she didn't get adopted in a brief amount of time, she most likely would be euthanized.

With the help of the rescue staff and super nice people at Animal Hospital of Pittsford, she had a bunch of dental work done to make sure she was no longer in pain and is in her forever home with Christine and myself!

Deep in our heart, we know that Gracie came into our lives for a reason.   We decided to find a way to give back to all of the people who lovingly care for animals until they find their lifetime home like Gracie did with us.  So Christine and I through our company Keepsake Photography, have partnered with the Humane society of Rochester at Lollypop Farm as a corporate sponsor.  We have made a commitment to donate $20 from each photo shoot to Lollypop Farm.  Our 2017 goal is $5,000.  Personally, I am shooting for $10,000!

Our Class of 2018 Senior Portrait models will hold an important role as they will be volunteering at Lollypop and spearheading the effort by sharing our fundraising events on social media so everyone in the area will know about it and help our cause to support pet adoption at the Humane society of Rochester at Lollypop Farm.

Gracie is at one of  the studios most days so give her some love when you're in to see us and lets go Class of 2018 Keepsake Seniors to the rescue!

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Thanks for reading,

Bob & Christine Thomson