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Class of 2020 for lollypop farm

class of 2020 for Lollypop Farm

The story of Gracie. Our rescue dog that inspired us to help find a way to give back.

Gracie came into our life in August of 2016.  It had been two years since our last dog KC, passed away.  Christine came across a Facebook listing for an English Setter that needed immediate rescue.  The dog had a striking resemblance to our beloved KC!

Christine met with the rescue person to learn more.  Gracie's first owner passed away in Tennessee.  The family put her in a kennel in hopes of her getting adopted.  After 8 months of constant pacing in the Kennel, Gracie rubbed all of the fur off of her right side and wore her front teeth down to the roots by trying to chew her way out.  Nobody was mean to her - she was just a victim of her circumstances.

Gracie was finally adopted by a Rochester family and was enjoying a better life until one of the children's friends accidentally fell on her and hurt her leg. Gracie bit the child as a result and the family painfully decided it would be best to find another home for her.  She could not go to a shelter because she was now labeled "a biter" and if she didn't get adopted quickly, she most likely would be euthanized.

In our heart, we know that Gracie came into our life for a reason.  Christine and

I committed to finding a way to help give back to all of the local people who lovingly care for animals until they find their forever home like Gracie did with us.  Through Keepsake Photography, we have partnered wi

th the Humane Society of Rochester at Lollypop Farm as a corporate sponsor and made a commitment to donat

e $20 from every photoshoot to Lollypop Farm.  Since 2017, we have raised more than over $10,000!

So when you support us, you help support Lollypop Farm too!  Gracie & Bently are in the studio most days so give them some love when you're in to see us!

UPDATE 2018: We adopted another dog!  His name is Bently, but we call him Skip.  He's also an English Setter and quite possibly the sweetest, happiest doggie in the world!  We're just collecting dogs now LOL!

Thanks for reading,

Bob & Christine Thomson



P.S.  Gracie is the new reigning champion of the hot dog eating contest at Barktober Fest 2018!

Since 2017, we have raised over $10,000 for Lollypop Farm!

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